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Sage Tree Yoga Mat *Enhanced Design!*

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TRULY TRANSFORMING - Experience our Sage Tree yoga mat. Sage is rooted from the genus name Salvia, meaning "to save." Ancient herbalists believed those who drank sage tea would never grow old, becoming immortal. Sage also means to be wise, thus it was concluded that consuming sage provided immortality in wisdom and in body. Let wisdom flow as you step onto your lifetime yoga mat. It's enhanced golden alignment design, along with the Om symbol directly in the center, representing one-ness of all creation, will have you feeling one with your mat. Just as all of our planet-friendly yoga mats, Sage Tree features extra length, width & thickness to enhance your practice or training. Channel your inner Om, find your center & feel the transformation of the mind, body & soul!

Materials: Non-toxic, biodegradable polyurethane rubber

Dimensions: 182cm long x 68cm wide x approx. 4mm thick

Weight: 5lbs